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I'm not going to try and do anything that has already been done on this website.  Many people find the Rockford Files to be one of the best T.V. shows ever and I'm in complete agreement with that opinion.  Many of these people have created some great sites that tell you just about everything you would want to know about Jimmy and the happenings in and around Malibu. 


I am going to try and recreate a game that I once had great success with, the Mystery Movie Game.  The game is very simple, I post a .wav file from an episode of the Rockford Files and you tell me what episode it came from and make any comments you would like about the episode or show.



That's it!  Just click on the button on the left that says Let's Play and listen to the audio file.  If you know what episode the quote comes from, fill in the form and send in your guess.  If you're right, I'll list your name and I'll continue to list your name until you miss.




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