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This is where the winners go.

Last week's episode was "Where's Houston?".  Here are the correct entries:

bulletMan of Law  Sixty consecutive weeks (I had to really think hard and check back for this one, as it is not one I watch regularly, but I can't understand why as it is a good, clever story. I recall now that Jim leaves the Police Station meeting Beth and Rocky and Rocky gives Jim his overcoat because it is raining. Although his appearance is brief Dabbs Greer at Pete Preli is really memorable.)
bulletBrian  Sixty consecutive weeks (Another decent episode from the second season. Once again, a nice cast including Dabbs Greer and Robert Mandan. Lane Bradbury as Houston was
great,...southern drawl and all. Terrific line that you used for the sound-bite. Prior to that, I enjoyed the exchange between Rocky and Jim. Rocky claimed that both he a Pete cleaned out a bar of 20 guy's. After Jim found that hard to believe, Rocky reduced the number to 15.)
bulletCJ Twenty two consecutive weeks (Not one of my favorites.  Cool chase out of the supermarket parking lot is the only highlight I can remember!)
bulletDon Segar Nineteen consecutive weeks
bulletDennis R. Miller Six consecutive weeks (So so episode. Robert Mandan of "Soap" fame was memorable though.)
bulletJon Glazer Three consecutive weeks (Not one of the more memorable episodes. It's been a long time since I last saw it, and it will be nice to catch it when the Season Two DVD comes out.)
bulletKarla Kuhle (My sentiments exactly!)




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