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Welcome to the Definitive Episode Guide to The Rockford Files. Just a brief word on how things are laid out and why things are done this way…

Every season begins with a Production crew credit and any other information about that season of the show (e.g. Emmy award nominations and successes.)

The Transmission Date and Production Number give the original date of transmission (in the USA) and a Production number which was issued to that episode. These are taken from various sources.

"At the tone", details the message that is on Jim’s answering machine at the beginning of the main title theme. These were taken from The Rockford Files website

We then look at the Writers and Directors, of the episode, or credit who wrote the Teleplay and on whose Story it is based.

The Quote from the episode is chosen by me. I try and find a memorable quote from the story where possible. I will also use quotes taken from Mystery Movie’s Rockford Game.

We then come to the Episode Synopsis – I hope they contain an accurate account of the Rockford episode. (Please note that some of the synopses were contributed by me to the TV Tome Guide).

While every episode Stars James Garner, I thought it only correct to credit him for each story, particularly if he is the only regular to appear.

bulletIn the first season guide, I credit Noah Beery as ‘Also Starring’ when he appears. For this season this is the only name that features at the beginning main title credits.
bulletIn the second season guide (and from that point on) I credit Noah Beery as ‘Also Starring’ and Joe Santos ‘as Dennis Becker’ when either or both characters appear.

bulletThe other regulars (Beth, Coop, Diehl, Chapman, Billings and Angel) are credited as guests when they appear.

bulletThe Guest Stars and the Character they play follows this.

I credit Special Guest Stars where appropriate and also those who receive a Special Appearance credit or are credited "As" or "And… As". This information was taken from various sources.

The Notes section is a simple place for observations and trivia


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