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So many people that play the game make comments regarding their favorite episode or the one that they think is the funniest that I thought I'd give you a chance to share that with the world.  If you would like to email me your picks I'll post them here.

Member Favorite Funniest
Mystery_Movie Just Another Polish Wedding Drought at Indianhead River
I love Gandy and Marcus Hayes.  They should have had a show together. Angel belongs in a place like that.  I also loved the tall guy.
Man of Law So Help Me God Paradise Cove
A fascinating story; it is clever, well written, well acted and although there are only a few funny lines it remains a bench mark which set the Rockford Files aside from other TV shows as it boasts the honor of being a story which actually changed the law on Grand Jury testimony in the United States.  It is a caper - the group searching for buried treasure, CC Calloway and the judgment, car wrecks.  The funniest parts for me is first when CC tells Althea she has nice legs ("oh how sweet of you to notice"), and she later reciprocates to him after he learns he was searching the beach for nothing "all that searching wasn't a total waste", she says " you got great legs".  It makes me smile.
Jon Glazer Nice Guys Finish Dead  
It's hilarious from beginning to end. At one point they refer to the Hopalong Cassidy suite at the Gene Autry Hotel, and at another point they refer to the Gene Autry suite at the Hopalong Cassidy hotel.
Dennis Miller Quickie Nirvana Three day affair with a Thirty day escrow
So well written, and the characters were so perfectly cast.
"Are you here for pre-death?"
"No, It's just a business trip"
Side spitting laughs from beginning to end.
"This looks like the same mausoleum I toured with your friend
"So my coincidence meter is red-lined!"


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